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Welcome to the website of Natural Stone Specialist, the business magazine serving the whole of the stone industry in the UK and Ireland since 1882, from extraction through design and processing to fixing.

A new edition of the Natural Stone Directory is currently being compiled. We aim to make the Directory a comprehensive listing of the stone industry in the UK and Ireland, covering quarries and mines, importers and wholesalers, stonemasonry and stone processing companies, and stone machinery and consumables for all areas of stone – exteriors, interiors, hard landscaping, memorials – as used for commercial and domestic projects in the public and private sectors.

We have been producing the Directory for 40 years and it is widely used by the industry and its customers to source stone and stone-related services.

In response to feedback we have received from users, the information will appear online as well as in a printed edition this time – we aim to have the data live on the Stone Specialist website, which we intend to relaunch in a bright new mobile friendly format before the end of the year.

If you want to ensure you are included in the next edition of the Directory, both hard copy and online, send us an email with your company name, address, telephone number, email address and website and we will make sure you are included. Email


The October Natural Stone Bulletin has been opened 9,803 times by architects, designers, clients, conservators, developers and all areas of the stone industry. If you do not already receive the Bulletin, you can sign up to it using the panel on the left – and we promise that (and information about the Natural Stone Show in London 2017) is all you will get

To get your message to the stone industry in the UK and Ireland by advertising in the Natural Stone Specialist magazine, in the Natural Stone Bulletin, in the Nartural Stone Directory, and/or on this website, or to exhibit at the Natural Stone Show 2017, contact Anna on 0115 945 3897

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Implementation of 'opt-in' pensions is underway. Every firm has to provide a pension for employees, even if you only employ one person – read more


Download the CARBON CALCULATOR spreadsheet that is being made available to the stone industry by Forest Pennant. It was devised by Forest Pennant for the PAS 2050 Carbon Footprinting certification it has achieved on its paving. You can also use it to get your carbon footprint accredited. Click here or on the picture of the spreadsheet to download a copy.

Stone is the most sustainable building material

Stone in all its various forms – sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, travertine, slate and the rest – is the low carbon footprint material of choice for so much construction, conservation, interior design, hard landscaping, roofing, memorialisation, and public and private art.

Unlike man-made products, stone is a truly natural product simply taken from the ground and processed using low energy machinery into the products we use – kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity units, wall and floor tiles, shower trays, paving, kerbs and setts, cladding and so much more.

There is no high energy, fuel-burning transformation taking place, pumping vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, as there is when making cement for concrete or smelting metals, nor polluting chemicals as there are with plastics and resins. Nature has already done all the work of making the material in its plethora of truly unique and environmentally friendly forms.

The evidence showing how environmentally friendly stone is, is increasing. Historic Scotland published Embodied Carbon in Natural Building Stone in Scotland, which gives figures that show the CO2 equivalent of stone is lower than any other major building material, as does the University of Bath's Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE), the latest version of which was published last summer. The Embodied Carbon in Natural Building Stone in Scotland report can be downloaded from SISTech's website. Click here to go to the download area. And to get the ICE report, click here.

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